Almost 9 AM at the Dr. ぴーにゃっぷる office located on second floor at kumakuma hospital in Shinagawa. 

"Good morning, Yumicha. great to see you. so how has been your fever? what? still hot but the body feels cold? OMG! It sounds worse."

Patient Y "Dr. Where is that Icelandic magic to make me calm down?"

Dr.ぴーにゃっぷる "Well..It's OVER. It's gone from your universe. "

Patient Y "What? didn't know It's such a tiny power."

Dr.ぴーにゃっぷる"NO, YUMICHA! It must be a jumbo power. just you wasted it. Did you have enough dinner last night? I guess you are just hungry and it causes you sick."

Patient Y "No, I didn't. no energy to go to 7/11 last night. But I had おかめ natto with a bowl of white rice instead. Was It wrong?"



ぴ「…おお…いやだじぇ。いやだじぇ。あんなビジュルアル系みたいな髪型の、不良な果物の溜まり場に行くのだけは、勘弁だじぇ。ゆみちゃ〜!ごめんだじぇ。俺、パイナップルにはなりたくないじぇ😭 ハワイも梨元さんに空港でインタビューされるからいやだ…」